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Testing the Waters: A Teen's Guide to Career Exploration

A directory of over 1,200 part-time and summer jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, entrepreneurial ideas, educational programs, travel and adventures for high school and college students in the United States and throughout the world.

This book is unique because it is designed specifically for high school - and students entering college.  Similar directories generally focus on college students in their later years of study and only include a token number of programs for teens (ages 13-19).  The scope is extensive -- focusing on a wide-range of opportunities from jobs to travel.

Special features include:

  • Detailed listings over over 1,200 jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, entrepreneurial ideas, educational programs, travel and adventures.
  • Descriptions of over 150 websites for teens to explore.
  • More than 30 special "focus pages" give detailed information about exceptional programs.
  • Extensive indexing and a large resource listing of over 180 books, magazines, camps, and other resources make this a superior reference work.

This guide features something for everyone.  Whether teens would like to start their own business, spend the summer at a university, try an interesting job or internship, or travel around the world, this book will be their constant resource.  Teens will refer to this manual again and again as they "test the waters" and prepare for their future college and career goals.

The Christmas Lamp

Our Newest Title: The Christmas Lamp

The Young Friends of Jesus, Book 1

 (illustration by Chad Odgers from The Christmas Lamp)

This new series represents the best in religious, historical fiction for children.  Join Esther as she and her family meet Joseph, Mary, and their new baby, Jesus.  There is adventure, mystery, and awe as Esther sets out to find out about the curious arrival of visitors to her little town of Bethlehem.  You and your children will be immersed in an historically accurate setting while the story of Jesus' birth comes to life.  Become a part of the greatest story of all time.

Written by the Reverend Dr. Richard W. Neal, this wonderful story was originally written as a Christmas Eve service for families in his church's congregation.  The beautiful illustrations were prepared by professional artist and youth pastor, Chad Odgers, and were shown to accompany the Christmas Eve reading.  Soon after the service, there were many requests for a printed copy of the story he told that Christmas Eve.  We are proud to offer it in book form for the first time.  Now you can share this timeless story with you family and friends.

Written by Reverend, Dr. Richard W. Neal;  Illustrations by Chad Odgers

The Christmas Lamp (ISBN #0-9672502-1-8)

The Mysterious Visitors

Coming Winter 2007

The Young Friends of Jesus, Volume 2

In the second collaboration between Dr. Neal and Chad Odgers, Esther returns and introduces us to a new friend -- a young man named Eleazor.  Eleazor is an apprentice in the pottery shop operated by Esther's father.  Accompany Esther and Eleazor as they experience the wonders of the visitors from afar that have come to bring gifts to the baby Jesus.  And share in their horror as they experience the cruelty of the wicked King Herod and the realities of living under Roman occupation and rule.

The Mysterious Visitors (ISBN #0-9672502-2-6)

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