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What people are saying about Testing the Waters: A Teen's Guide to Career Exploration

***** - Amazon.com

"I encourage students to investigate the careers they are considering in a "real world" setting.  That's the best way to get the sense of any job." -- advice from author, Alice Culbreath, as reported in the "Successful Solutions" column of The Successful Student Magazine

"Step-by-step guidelines for teens interested in getting a part-time job and tips on how to land a job that could launch a career."  -- Choices Magazine, Scholastic Inc.

"Teen's who take advantage of this book will be reaping multiple benefits -- gaining job skills, widening their horizons, learning to get along in diverse groups, and raising self-esteem." - The River Reporter

"I would urge students to wait as long as possible before choosing a career or declaring a major. With the wide variety of careers available these days, there is no limit to their choices. This is why we encourage them to test the waters." - advice from author, Alice Culbreath, as reported on CVtips.com

"Many teens have graduated from high school and are either ready to enter the workforce or attend college.  Often these teens still may not have any idea of what 'they want to be when they grow up.'  In Testing the Waters: A Teen's Guide to Career Exploration, teens can find information about a wide variety of opportunities available to them." -- San Diego Family Magazine

"My teenage daughter has read several books prior to selecting a college and setting career goals.  This is the best one of the bunch in  my opinion.  It is thoughfully prepared, user-friendly, and has some excellent information.  Invaluable!"  -- Parent, Florida

"I bought this book for a friend's daughter who is getting ready to enter the workforce.  She and her friends have found the book helpful.  It has helped prepare them for a job and given them a sense of what to expect and how to develop the skills needed."  -- Mentor, Mississippi